Monday, 4 July 2011

Viagra: Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Generic Viagra? I have heard about it, but have no clue about what’s it all about.

Well, Generic Viagra is a drug which is used by men to increasing their sexual energies. You see, not everyone is blessed with a flawless libido. Sometimes, life can upset you by robbing you of you basic sexual urges. Such events may lead to Impotence. Pills like Generic Viagra have been made to get rid of the erectile failures of men. To out it straight, it’s an Anti-Impotence drug with great powers.

What exactly is Generic Viagra made up of?

This oral drug is known for containing powerful and highly potent chemicals and this is the reason why this medicine is such a rage throughout the world. It is made up of the chemical called as Sildenafil Citrate, which acts as an effective agent to pump the flow of blood to your penile regions. This compound does most of the magic work for the blue pill.

Why does one suffer from Impotence and how can Generic Viagra help in removing the condition?

Impotence is the bane of various lifestyle factors. It may remain dormant in it and it maybe a sudden thing. Disorders like diabetes, obesity and others can affect your erectile abilities. Age is also a factor in lowered libido levels. When you are down with Impotence, there is insufficient blood flow reaching your penis because of an Enzyme called as PDE5. With the help of super powerful drugs like Generic Viagra, you can remove the negative effects of the Enzyme, which will result in a smooth flow of blood and a non-tedious erection.

Is there any Age limit to take Generic Viagra?

Erectile Dysfunction can affect anyone it seems. Even the young and old are now stricken by this condition. It all depends on the severity of your condition. Generally, adults over 18 can take this pill, but it’s unlikely that a young man would face erection problems. For older men above 65 years, there should be drastic reduction in the dosage patterns.

Is Generic Viagra Still the number one pill for Impotence?

Without a shred of doubt, it is. Although in the last few years, new pills have been invented to give stiff competition to this oral drug, but Viagra has stood its test of time by proving as the foremost medicine which provides amazing solutions to get rid of Impotence to the core. It’s second to none. The Side Effects are a big concern when it comes to taking powerful pills.

What about Generic Viagra?

Every medicine has its share of side effects. Its all depends on its severity and how drastic it can affect the user. Generic Viagra is a safe medicine and this has been admitted by the experts themselves. This drug has a few mild and temporary side effects in the form of Headaches, indigestion, stomach upset and slight dizziness. But these after effects fade away very quickly.

How effective is Generic Viagra?

This oral medicine is so effective, that you would be glad to feel the effects of the medicine within 30 minutes upon consumption itself. This drug set the benchmark for other similar drugs, so its effectiveness has to be profound and amazing. Generic Viagra is known for being highly effective and potent.

What are the Dosage patterns of Generic Viagra?

If you feel your erectile problem is mild, then you can take the 25mg and 50mg dose of the pill. But you have to consult your doctor before popping these pills. If the condition is severe, then you can use the 100mg Viagra pill. It will give you the right effects.

How do I know that the Generic Viagra pills that I am buying are Authentic and not fake?

Valid point, given the fact that the sale of Counterfeit anti-impotence drugs are on the rise. Well, make sure you buy your pills only from a licensed pharmacist or you can opt for Online Drugstores which only sell FDA approved drugs. It’s all about being cautious and double checking. 

Source-  Generic Viagra: "Frequently Asked (and Unasked) Questions"

Monday, 6 June 2011

Sleep Deprivation Can Age You Early

Lack of sleep can kill you big time and it’s a fact and not a joke. All those guys who take pride in sleeping just 4 hours a day, well by the time they reach 40, they would be looking like 55. If you want to look like an old man in your youth, then you can continue sleeping for less number of hours.

Just like Brad Pitt from “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” your skin would look haggard and worn out. Besides that, you have a high risk of contracting a heart disease in the near future. We have come across numerous cases wherein men and women have fell down unconsciously because of lack of sleep. Now medical experts say that you are reducing your age by around 7 to 10 years by sleeping less. There has always been a reason when doctors say that 7 to 8 hours of sleep for a man is must. This will boost your immune system and keep him healthy.

Less sleep will make your skin saggy and dark circles around your eyes will initially start to form. Fatigue levels are bound to be high as well and your blood pressure is likely to go high too. When your immunity is low, your overall health will be affected because of this and this will also have an effect in your mood levels. Your mental faculties are bound to go down due to lack of sleep. When researchers conducted a survey of various men and women who slept for 8 hours and 5 hours a day respectively, they found out that the folks who slept for 4-5 hours had lot of mood problems and their irritation levels were quite high besides having low comprehension abilities.

The 8 hour sleep guys were healthy and had a sound mental ability and they felt much happier too. Those who slept less looked old and complained of problems like headache, depression and heartburn. This shows that sleeping adequately is a must for everyone to boost your overall body performance.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Possible Fertility damage from Viagra Pills?

Viagra, the well known Anti-Impotence is facing the wrath of UK researchers who claim that this pill can affect the fertility of men. Pfizer however deny these claims saying that Viagra does not cause any such affect on men.

Viagra is known as the “blockbuster” drug which is used to get rid of erectile failures of men and this drug has proven its worth by curing the sexual worries of millions throughout the world. This pill is authentic and has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and there is no doubt about it at all. In fact, this little blue pill has created such an everlasting impression in the minds of the people that whenever we think about libido enhancement, we only think about Viagra. But as great modern thinkers often say, “there always a minor downfall to every great invention”.

In this case though, it might be a “supposed” downfall. This wonder drug of today, the sexual booster may well have its side effects that the men won’t be proud of. Medical experts say that this Anti-impotence may affect the fertility of men and it might come as a stumbling block in between their plans to start a family. This will surely come as a shock to many because currently, there are scores of men worldwide who consume this drug to boost their dying libido or to enhance their sexual experiences. Researchers are now coming up with a theory which says that the intake of these pills might decrease their prowess to father a child and this might not be good news to the men all over. The makers of this drug, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals are however vehemently denying it by saying that their drug has nothing to do with the low sperm count of men.

Viagra has been used widely to increase the flow of blood in your penile regions which has been blocked by the PDE5 Enzyme. The lack of smooth blood flow causes a lack of erection and this later turns into severe Impotence. To counter such problems, this blue pill, which contains Sildenafil Citrate was introduced in the year 1998 to act as a potent remedy for erectile failures. It has given a new meaning to the sexuality of men and in fact it has been observed that fertility clinics often use this drug in order to help the patients with their semen production. But researchers now say that the powerful chemicals found in the drug may have an adverse affect in your sexual health as your sperm can become infertile before reaching the egg because of the rapid chemicals changes which occurs after consuming Viagra.

The chemical changes which occur is known as the acrosome reaction and this should take place in a natural way and when the action earlier than expected, the sperm will become ineffective. In this way, there is a chance that your fertility might get affected. The research consisted of the collection of semen samples and the results showed that the sperms with Viagra chemicals in them went through the premature process of the acrosome reaction and when the same was tested on mice, it was found out that the fertility rate of the eggs went down considerably.

Pfizer on the other hand, has reacted very strongly to this statement by saying that there is no solid evidence to support this “absurd” theory. They say that millions of men have been taking this drug and they have been very successful in starting a family as well. Well, we seriously hope that what Pfizer says is true.
Viagra is a famous pill which has millions of subscribers from all over the world. This 100mg medicine is known for its high potency and quick working methods.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Generic Viagra: The Elixir of Today’s Times

Generic Viagra is regarded as the best Anti-Impotence drug existing in the market today. Today, to buy to medicine that is all curing and all powerful is very rare because more often than not, it ends up being less effective or the drug would take its own sweet time to cure the ailment. All we want now is instant remedy from problematic conditions like Erection Dysfunction.

The time to wait patiently has gone because we are living in a time where medicine and technology has advanced so much that it is very much possible to acquire instant solutions to counter various disorders. This is what this oral drug has achieved, by successfully battling out the erectile failures found in men, something that can affect their psyche to a great extent. It’s natural to be affected by a problem wherein the man loses his ability to get a normal sexual arousal. Fear and inferiority will creep and you might end up sporting a moody and disposition.

Viagra strives to make your life better by removing all kinds of sexual worries. What this 100mg drug has achieved in the last decade or so, very few pills can even match to it. Millions of men face the problem of Impotence because of the lack of flow of blood reaching their penile regions. The true cause may arise out of various lifestyle factors and it leaves a deep impact in your life. By effectively regulating the blood flow once again, this oral medicine energizes their sexual drive and helps them in attainting an erection that will last for a long period of time. The potency of this little blue pill is now well renowned all over and has infused life into the lives of countless men.

Generic Viagra: It’s Mild and Temporary Side Effects

  • A medicine without side effects is now a rarity even though it is extremely mild by nature. Generic Viagra falls in the latter category where the side effects are felt for a brief period of time and the one which causes no harm and concern. They primarily include temporary headaches and bouts of dizziness; hence it is advised not to travel.
  • Some people have reported mild blurring of eyes coupled with slight pain while urinating. Cases where your face gets flushed and stomach upset are also observed. But the best part about this cheap online drug is that its side effects are not something that you might be worried about. They fade quickly.

Generic Viagra: The Dosages to be taken
Those who have not taken this drug at all in their life would like to start their dose of Generic Viagra with the 25mg pill. This is considered a safe option for beginners. Also, it is strongly advised that you talk to your doctor about your erectile failures and based upon you situation, the physician will prescribe you the dosage.

But if at times if you feel that this dosage is not enough to suffice your problem, then you can certainly opt for either the 50mg pill or the 100mg one, which is the highest recommended strength for this medicine. Again, advice for your doctor is necessary

Generic Viagra Precautions and Storage

  • This is a potent drug and there is no doubt about it. Within 30 to 45 minutes itself, it will help you in getting an erection upon proper stimulation. But just because it’s super powerful, doesn’t mean that you will pop in 2 to 3 tablets in a day. Over consumption will land you in a soup and will harm your body and sometimes, there is a danger of you becoming permanently impotent as well. Always keep one thing in mind, come what may, just take 1 pill a day. Generic Viagra is very effective, but a gap of 24 hours between 2 doses is a must.
  • After that, if you have been taking Nitrate based drugs, and then it’s high time you chuck away those pills because Viagra contains Sildenafil Citrate and this will interact negatively with nitrates. Besides that, your daily consumption of alcohol should be limited with the intake of these pills and if you have a previous history of blood pressure, heart attacks and other such ailments, then its better you consult your doctor before taking this Anti-Impotence drug. Likewise, do not chew or crush them.
  • This blue pill is sensitive to extreme conditions and temperatures, so you should it in an ideal room condition. Do not keep these drugs after their expiry dates. Being exposed to heart and moisture will affect the working of the drug, so keep away from all that.
  • With all things being said, Generic Viagra has proved to be the foremost pill to counter all kinds of sexual ailments. Be it erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation or urine incontinence, it solves it all and makes Impotence a distant memory.

We are not surprised by its rapid sales and humongous popularity over the last decade or so. It deserves all the attention for its effective remedial measures. One has to say in total affirmation that the tag of being a “blockbuster” drug suits this medicine quite well.