Monday, 11 April 2011

Possible Fertility damage from Viagra Pills?

Viagra, the well known Anti-Impotence is facing the wrath of UK researchers who claim that this pill can affect the fertility of men. Pfizer however deny these claims saying that Viagra does not cause any such affect on men.

Viagra is known as the “blockbuster” drug which is used to get rid of erectile failures of men and this drug has proven its worth by curing the sexual worries of millions throughout the world. This pill is authentic and has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and there is no doubt about it at all. In fact, this little blue pill has created such an everlasting impression in the minds of the people that whenever we think about libido enhancement, we only think about Viagra. But as great modern thinkers often say, “there always a minor downfall to every great invention”.

In this case though, it might be a “supposed” downfall. This wonder drug of today, the sexual booster may well have its side effects that the men won’t be proud of. Medical experts say that this Anti-impotence may affect the fertility of men and it might come as a stumbling block in between their plans to start a family. This will surely come as a shock to many because currently, there are scores of men worldwide who consume this drug to boost their dying libido or to enhance their sexual experiences. Researchers are now coming up with a theory which says that the intake of these pills might decrease their prowess to father a child and this might not be good news to the men all over. The makers of this drug, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals are however vehemently denying it by saying that their drug has nothing to do with the low sperm count of men.

Viagra has been used widely to increase the flow of blood in your penile regions which has been blocked by the PDE5 Enzyme. The lack of smooth blood flow causes a lack of erection and this later turns into severe Impotence. To counter such problems, this blue pill, which contains Sildenafil Citrate was introduced in the year 1998 to act as a potent remedy for erectile failures. It has given a new meaning to the sexuality of men and in fact it has been observed that fertility clinics often use this drug in order to help the patients with their semen production. But researchers now say that the powerful chemicals found in the drug may have an adverse affect in your sexual health as your sperm can become infertile before reaching the egg because of the rapid chemicals changes which occurs after consuming Viagra.

The chemical changes which occur is known as the acrosome reaction and this should take place in a natural way and when the action earlier than expected, the sperm will become ineffective. In this way, there is a chance that your fertility might get affected. The research consisted of the collection of semen samples and the results showed that the sperms with Viagra chemicals in them went through the premature process of the acrosome reaction and when the same was tested on mice, it was found out that the fertility rate of the eggs went down considerably.

Pfizer on the other hand, has reacted very strongly to this statement by saying that there is no solid evidence to support this “absurd” theory. They say that millions of men have been taking this drug and they have been very successful in starting a family as well. Well, we seriously hope that what Pfizer says is true.
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