Friday, 25 March 2011

Generic Viagra: The Elixir of Today’s Times

Generic Viagra is regarded as the best Anti-Impotence drug existing in the market today. Today, to buy to medicine that is all curing and all powerful is very rare because more often than not, it ends up being less effective or the drug would take its own sweet time to cure the ailment. All we want now is instant remedy from problematic conditions like Erection Dysfunction.

The time to wait patiently has gone because we are living in a time where medicine and technology has advanced so much that it is very much possible to acquire instant solutions to counter various disorders. This is what this oral drug has achieved, by successfully battling out the erectile failures found in men, something that can affect their psyche to a great extent. It’s natural to be affected by a problem wherein the man loses his ability to get a normal sexual arousal. Fear and inferiority will creep and you might end up sporting a moody and disposition.

Viagra strives to make your life better by removing all kinds of sexual worries. What this 100mg drug has achieved in the last decade or so, very few pills can even match to it. Millions of men face the problem of Impotence because of the lack of flow of blood reaching their penile regions. The true cause may arise out of various lifestyle factors and it leaves a deep impact in your life. By effectively regulating the blood flow once again, this oral medicine energizes their sexual drive and helps them in attainting an erection that will last for a long period of time. The potency of this little blue pill is now well renowned all over and has infused life into the lives of countless men.

Generic Viagra: It’s Mild and Temporary Side Effects

  • A medicine without side effects is now a rarity even though it is extremely mild by nature. Generic Viagra falls in the latter category where the side effects are felt for a brief period of time and the one which causes no harm and concern. They primarily include temporary headaches and bouts of dizziness; hence it is advised not to travel.
  • Some people have reported mild blurring of eyes coupled with slight pain while urinating. Cases where your face gets flushed and stomach upset are also observed. But the best part about this cheap online drug is that its side effects are not something that you might be worried about. They fade quickly.

Generic Viagra: The Dosages to be taken
Those who have not taken this drug at all in their life would like to start their dose of Generic Viagra with the 25mg pill. This is considered a safe option for beginners. Also, it is strongly advised that you talk to your doctor about your erectile failures and based upon you situation, the physician will prescribe you the dosage.

But if at times if you feel that this dosage is not enough to suffice your problem, then you can certainly opt for either the 50mg pill or the 100mg one, which is the highest recommended strength for this medicine. Again, advice for your doctor is necessary

Generic Viagra Precautions and Storage

  • This is a potent drug and there is no doubt about it. Within 30 to 45 minutes itself, it will help you in getting an erection upon proper stimulation. But just because it’s super powerful, doesn’t mean that you will pop in 2 to 3 tablets in a day. Over consumption will land you in a soup and will harm your body and sometimes, there is a danger of you becoming permanently impotent as well. Always keep one thing in mind, come what may, just take 1 pill a day. Generic Viagra is very effective, but a gap of 24 hours between 2 doses is a must.
  • After that, if you have been taking Nitrate based drugs, and then it’s high time you chuck away those pills because Viagra contains Sildenafil Citrate and this will interact negatively with nitrates. Besides that, your daily consumption of alcohol should be limited with the intake of these pills and if you have a previous history of blood pressure, heart attacks and other such ailments, then its better you consult your doctor before taking this Anti-Impotence drug. Likewise, do not chew or crush them.
  • This blue pill is sensitive to extreme conditions and temperatures, so you should it in an ideal room condition. Do not keep these drugs after their expiry dates. Being exposed to heart and moisture will affect the working of the drug, so keep away from all that.
  • With all things being said, Generic Viagra has proved to be the foremost pill to counter all kinds of sexual ailments. Be it erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation or urine incontinence, it solves it all and makes Impotence a distant memory.

We are not surprised by its rapid sales and humongous popularity over the last decade or so. It deserves all the attention for its effective remedial measures. One has to say in total affirmation that the tag of being a “blockbuster” drug suits this medicine quite well.