Monday, 4 July 2011

Viagra: Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Generic Viagra? I have heard about it, but have no clue about what’s it all about.

Well, Generic Viagra is a drug which is used by men to increasing their sexual energies. You see, not everyone is blessed with a flawless libido. Sometimes, life can upset you by robbing you of you basic sexual urges. Such events may lead to Impotence. Pills like Generic Viagra have been made to get rid of the erectile failures of men. To out it straight, it’s an Anti-Impotence drug with great powers.

What exactly is Generic Viagra made up of?

This oral drug is known for containing powerful and highly potent chemicals and this is the reason why this medicine is such a rage throughout the world. It is made up of the chemical called as Sildenafil Citrate, which acts as an effective agent to pump the flow of blood to your penile regions. This compound does most of the magic work for the blue pill.

Why does one suffer from Impotence and how can Generic Viagra help in removing the condition?

Impotence is the bane of various lifestyle factors. It may remain dormant in it and it maybe a sudden thing. Disorders like diabetes, obesity and others can affect your erectile abilities. Age is also a factor in lowered libido levels. When you are down with Impotence, there is insufficient blood flow reaching your penis because of an Enzyme called as PDE5. With the help of super powerful drugs like Generic Viagra, you can remove the negative effects of the Enzyme, which will result in a smooth flow of blood and a non-tedious erection.

Is there any Age limit to take Generic Viagra?

Erectile Dysfunction can affect anyone it seems. Even the young and old are now stricken by this condition. It all depends on the severity of your condition. Generally, adults over 18 can take this pill, but it’s unlikely that a young man would face erection problems. For older men above 65 years, there should be drastic reduction in the dosage patterns.

Is Generic Viagra Still the number one pill for Impotence?

Without a shred of doubt, it is. Although in the last few years, new pills have been invented to give stiff competition to this oral drug, but Viagra has stood its test of time by proving as the foremost medicine which provides amazing solutions to get rid of Impotence to the core. It’s second to none. The Side Effects are a big concern when it comes to taking powerful pills.

What about Generic Viagra?

Every medicine has its share of side effects. Its all depends on its severity and how drastic it can affect the user. Generic Viagra is a safe medicine and this has been admitted by the experts themselves. This drug has a few mild and temporary side effects in the form of Headaches, indigestion, stomach upset and slight dizziness. But these after effects fade away very quickly.

How effective is Generic Viagra?

This oral medicine is so effective, that you would be glad to feel the effects of the medicine within 30 minutes upon consumption itself. This drug set the benchmark for other similar drugs, so its effectiveness has to be profound and amazing. Generic Viagra is known for being highly effective and potent.

What are the Dosage patterns of Generic Viagra?

If you feel your erectile problem is mild, then you can take the 25mg and 50mg dose of the pill. But you have to consult your doctor before popping these pills. If the condition is severe, then you can use the 100mg Viagra pill. It will give you the right effects.

How do I know that the Generic Viagra pills that I am buying are Authentic and not fake?

Valid point, given the fact that the sale of Counterfeit anti-impotence drugs are on the rise. Well, make sure you buy your pills only from a licensed pharmacist or you can opt for Online Drugstores which only sell FDA approved drugs. It’s all about being cautious and double checking. 

Source-  Generic Viagra: "Frequently Asked (and Unasked) Questions"